There are bunches of terms ending with ‘set’. Skillset, asset, upset, reset, inset, onset, etc. The list will go on. Here I’ll talk about ‘Mindset’, a 7 letter word that ends with ‘set’.

What is mindset? Mindset is a mental attitude or inclination. It is the inner viewpoint of an individual. The mindset of a person is developed through experiences.

Mindset is not inherited. It is attained. It is built. Mindset has nothing to do with hereditary. While some studies have shown that, a mindset could be influenced by genes.

● Why Is Mindset So Important?

The mind is just like a muscle - the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets and the more it can expand

Mindset controls a person. It is the inner perspective of a person. A good person has a good mindset, a murderer has a murder mindset, a rich person has a rich mindset, and a poor person has a poor mindset.

A person’s character is the reflection of his mindset. Mindset controls everything.

Rich people have a rich mindset. What is it like? A rich mindset will always think of investing 20% of their profit. Their first thought will be of investing then comes about expenses. While a poor mindset chooses expenditures over investment. It’s a good example of what mindset is like and how it can affect you.

● How Do You Develop A Positive Mindset?

Mindset can be developed after learning, taking experiences, and teaching yourself. Reading is a good way of developing mindset. The more you read the more you grow.

You want to have a positive mindset, then grab a good book and start reading it. Read and read because this is the only way how you learn.

The second way is taking enough experience. Experience teaches us more. Take enough experience and developed a positive mindset.

A positive mindset can be taught by yourself. There is an ongoing war between good and bad thoughts in the mind of every person. At this instant, supporting positive thoughts can help you to develop a positive mindset.



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