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Jwngsat Narzary
2 min readMar 31, 2022


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My journey on Medium began on 17 February 2022 when I published my first article on Medium. Initially, I was like, heck no! Compared to other writing platforms like Quora and WordPress, Medium is my favorite.

Very quickly I began to fall in love with Medium. The UI design of Medium is eye-catching and very impressive and that’s what makes Medium unique for me. It is also fast, simple, and user-friendly. Besides, there is a huge advantage on medium, like getting paid, free access to high-quality articles and most importantly it gives an opportunity of connecting with other authors across the globe.

I became addicted to Medium and every day I kept on reading 10–15 articles. I customize my feeds and it was perfect!

The idea of earning on Medium was what stimulated me the most. The idea of making money through Medium attracts my scrutiny the most. I managed to complete all the requirements to join the medium partner’s program.

I completed 100 followers on March 30 after about 1 month of writing on medium. I have published like 14–16 articles and have got several hundred and a thousand claps in one of my articles. It motivated and compelled me to write more and loiter for readers' feedback.

The most inspiring thing on Medium is the reader’s positive feedback. Most of them are writers themselves. There are myriad writers on medium belonging to different niches.

Currently, there are no opportunities of earning cash from Medium in my country. I emailed the Medium team and they replied to me stating that the Medium team is working on legal, financial, and tax compliance to support all countries, including India.

Making no cash won’t demotivate me. I will keep on exploring it. And I’ll continue to write on medium. I love sharing with people, connecting with people and most importantly I love to deliver to people what I anticipate.

I feel like I should share my improvement on Medium in a phase of 1 Month.

● Longest Article:

● Most Clapped Article(1.7k Claps):

I am really happy to see my progress here on Medium. Medium Community is very much supportive and active. This is the reason why any newbies writer would find Medium suitable for writing.



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